Cyber Forensics Investigation


  • Tracking and Investigating Various Email Crimes.
  • Recovery Deleted Files and Folders.
  • Digital Evidence Gathering.
  • How to set up Computer forensics laboratory.
  • Various popular techniques like Acquiring image, Cracking Password, Encryption, Stenography etc.
  • Rules of procuring and safekeeping of evidence.


Cyber Forensics Investigation Training Course will prepare you in the areas of cybercrimes related to case handling, Investigating Technique, data recovery, damaged/deleted data, or encrypted data. Online Cyber Forensics Investigation Course comprises of many types of cyber forensics programs which will facilitate individuals to conduct a smooth investigation. The tools and techniques taught in the Cyber Forensics Investigation course include the following problems like the mishandling of confidential data, violation of intellectual property rights, trade secrets stealing, and other types of online fraud. In cyber forensics investigation, investigator uses different kinds of methods and techniques for faster case resolution.

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