Digital Marketing Summer Training and Certification in Delhi

Internet Marketing  also called online marketing, it is the process of promoting a brand, products or services over the Internet. Its broad scope includes email marketing, electronic customer relationship management and any promotional activities that are done via wireless media.

It also combines the technical and creative aspects of the World Wide Web such as advertising, designing, development and sales. Moreover, Internet Marketing also deals with creating and placing ads throughout the various stages of customer engagement cycle.

Online marketing is divided into different types:

Affiliate Marketing

It is a marketing practice wherein a business pays an online retailer, e-commerce site or blog for each visitor or sales that these websites make for their brand.

internet marketing

Display Advertising

This refers to advertisement banners that are displayed on other websites or blogs to boost traffic for their own content. This, in turn, can increase product awareness.

Email Marketing

From the name itself, this is a marketing process that involves reaching out to your customers via email.

Inbound Marketing

This type of Internet marketing involves sharing of free valuable content to your target market to convince them to become your loyal customer. This could be done by setting up a business blog.

Search Engine Marketing

This is a form of marketing that promotes a business through paid advertisement that appears on search engine result pages. This includes paid placement, contextual advertising, paid inclusion or through search engine optimization.

What you will learn in this session

  • Introduction to SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Basics for SEO
  • Preface to SEO
  • Forms of Search Engine Optimization
  • On Page Optimization
  • Off Page Optimization
  • Search Engine Submission
  • SEO Tools
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Getting started with Facebo
  • PPC (Pay per click)
  • PPC-Keyword Research
  • PPC Keyword Tools & Resources
  • Landing Page for PPC
  • PPC Reporting
  • Google Ad Sense (Maximize revenue from your online content )

Duration of Training: 60 Hours

Fast Track Training Program (8+ hours daily)

Regular Classes (Morning, Day time & Evening)

Weekend Training Classes (Saturday, Sunday & Holidays)

Projects Include in this Course

  • Blog Development in WordPress
  • On Page SEO
  • Off Page SEO
  • Final Projects

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