Cyber Security Career In Digital India

 Cyber Security- Cyber security is the bodies of technology which are protect the system, data, and applications from unauthorized users. Cyber security also protects our network from the unauthorized uses.

 Digital India- In the now days ever things are possible through internet related to shopping or transfer money or book railway tickets etc. work basic use are which are doing by the computer.

Any work which doing by computer network send from the network one place to another place that’s all work are in doing through digital.

  • Transfer money
  • Online shopping
  • Online exams
  • Online ticket booking

Given all the points is the example of the digital India. In the now day our pm wants a cashless India which are possible only through digital India.

Cyber Crime– In above we know the work which are doing through the digital India means every people connected through the computer or smart phone and In the digital India every work possible through a network if we transfer the data or transfer the money from one place to other place then that’s no guaranty that are received where you some hackers are in hack your money or data before reach the destination. And now the day cybercrime are very improved and that’s a critical problem for the Indian government.

Many Issues From the Cyber Crime-

Conclusion- carrier in cyber security is improving because the crime of cyber security is increase so government wants some ethical hacker for stop this problem.


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