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Learn LPT Training Course introduces you to how pentesters determine the attack surface of targets and Identify different Vulnerabilities.Penetration Testing LPT Training Certification is designed to show the advanced concepts of penetration testing and how to deploying proxy chains. .Penetration Testing LPT Certification Course Perform advanced techniques and SQL injection.

Licensed Penetration Tester

Licensed Penetration Tester Training & Certification Course Content

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01 : Introduction to Vulnerability Assessment & PT
02 : Information Gathering Methodology
03 : Scanning and Enumeration
04 : Identify Vulnerabilities
05 : Exploitation
06 : Post Exploitation
07 : Advanced Tips and Techniques
08 : Preparing a Report
09 : Practice Ranges

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Licensed Penetration Tester Training Course

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About Online LPT Training Course Program

The LPT (Master) certification is the culmination of EC Council's penetration testing track, following Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) and EC Council Certified Security Analyst (ECSA). The LPT (Master) simulates a real penetration test, complete with a follow-up report to the customer.

The adoption of cloud computing in organizations is growing rapidly, which is why your ability to perform a cloud penetration test must be at it’s best! Checking for compliance and governance issues, checking if strong authentication is deployed for every remote user, checking data retention policy of service providers, performing automated cloud security testing, as well as AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform penetration testing are just some of the thing you will be expected to be able to perform.

threat intelligence can make up a small portion of the threat hunting process. However, subscribing to a threat intelligence feed does not automatically satisfy the need to threat hunt your network. A proper threat hunt can identify threats even when they have not yet been seen in the wild.

This research outlines a practical and rigorous model to conduct a threat hunt to discover attacker presence by using six stages: purpose, scope, equip, plan review, execute, and feedback. This research defines threat hunting as the proactive, analyst-driven process to search for attacker TTP within an environment.

Yes. This course features official EC-Council course materials, and Learning Tree is an EC-Council Accredited Training Center.

Learning Objectives

Ready to begin working on real-world data modeling projects,
Expanded responsibilities as part of an existing role
Find a new position involving data modeling.


  • Basic understanding of data management concepts and constructs such as relational database tables
  • Know how different pieces of data logically relate to one another.

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  • Students
  • Employees
  • Business Analysis


1 Lesson40h

MODULE 01 : Introduction to Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing

First quiz

MODULE 02 : Information Gathering Methodology

MODULE 03 : Scanning and Enumeration

MODULE 04 : Identify Vulnerabilities

MODULE 05 : Exploitation

MODULE 06 : Post Exploitation

MODULE 07 : Advanced Tips and Techniques

MODULE 08 : Preparing a Report

MODULE 09 : Practice Ranges

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