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EC-Council Certified Encryption Specialist Training introduces the skills of network security, computer forensics. In ECES Training and certification students learn intrusion detection systems, viruses, and worms. Online ECES Training introduces foundations of modern symmetric and key cryptography and Hashing algorithms. ECES Training and Certification is excellent for ethical hackers and penetration testing professionals.

EC Council Certified Encryption Specialist

ECES Training & Certification Course Content

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01 : What is Cryptography
02 : History
03 : Mono-Alphabet Substitution
04 : Caesar Cipher
05 : Atbash Cipher
06 : ROT 13
07 : Scytale
08 : Single Substitution Weaknesses
09 : Multi-Alphabet Substitution
10 : Cipher Disk
11 : Vigenère Cipher
12 : Vigenère Cipher: Example
13 : Breaking the Vigenère Cipher
14 : Playfair
15 : The ADFGVX cipher
16 : The Enigma Machine
17 : CrypTool

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Online ECES Course Training Program

ECES Training and Certification is excellent for ethical hackers and penetration testing professionals.

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ECES Training & Certification Course

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Learning Objectives

Types of Encryption Standards and their differences
How to select the best standard for your organization
How to enhance your pen-testing knowledge in encryption
Correct and incorrect deployment of encryption technologies
Common mistakes made in implementing encryption technologies
Best practices when implementing encryption technologies


  • Basic IT Skills
  • No Linux, programming or hacking knowledge required.
  • Computer with a minimum of 4GB ram/memory.
  • Operating System: Windows / OS X / Linux.
  • For WiFi cracking (10 lectures ONLY) - Wireless adapter that supports monitor mode (more info provided in the course).

Target Audience

  • Employee
  • Business Analysis
  • Students



Module 01 : What is Cryptography

Module 02 : History

Module 03 : Mono-Alphabet Substitution

Module 04 : Caesar Cipher

Module 05 : Atbash Cipher

Module 06 : ROT 13

Module 07 : Scytale

Module 08 :Single Substitution Weaknesses

Module 09 : Multi-Alphabet Substitution

Module 10 : Cipher Disk

Module 11 : Vigenère Cipher

Module 12 : Vigenère Cipher: Example

Module 13 : Breaking the Vigenère Cipher

Module 14 : Playfair

Module 15 : The ADFGVX cipher

Module 16 : The Enigma Machine

Module 17 : CrypTool

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